tomtoc Versatile A13 360 Protective Sleeve For 15 Inch Microsoft Surface Book 3/2

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Laptop is expensive, make sure you tap into the sleek, innovative and trendy sleeve designed to deliver maximum protection. Protecting your laptop from damage will not only ensure a long lifetime, but it will keep your data secure.

  • A unique, patented CornerArmor design provides 360° padded protection.
  • Convenient Storage Design.
  • Specially designed to beautifully complement the professional look of laptop.
  • Innovative New Recycled Fabrics.
  • Leading brand suppliers.YKK zipper.
  • Slim and Compact design.

Powerful Protection

A unique, patented CornerArmor design provides 360° padded protection. This ensures that your device is protected from every angle, and each ‘pressure point’ that could internally damage your computer has been properly secured.

Innovative New Recycled Fabrics

In effort to support environmental protection, we created this sleeve with durable recycled fabric, that is 100% Post-Consumer material made from PET plastic bottles. We are committed to providing daily protection for your laptop while also being environmentally friendly, using repurposed plastic into everyday products that benefit you and our planet.

Slim and Compact design

With a slim lightweight structure, making it easy to stow in your bag or backpack and bring your laptop along for your journey.